‘Supernatural’ season 10 spoilers: Jensen Ackles on playing much darker Dean

Take a look -When you’ve been around on TV for as long as “Supernatural” has, you basically have to expect that there are going to be some changes here and there. Even with that being said, though, the idea of Dean becoming a demon moving forward completely blew our mind. It was one of the most shocking cliffhangers to date, and it certainly sets the stage for an interesting tenth season of the show in the fall.

This will be one of the bigger challenges that Jensen Ackles has faced playing the character, but based on what he is saying now he appears more than up for the challenge. Just take a look at what he had to say on this subject while at Jus In Bello Con (a.k.a. Jibcon) late last month:

“With every twist and turn in the storyline, I’ve always taken comfort in knowing that I can find a Dean within that storyline. No matter where they throw us, like when they called us up and said ‘this is an idea we want to throw at you, what do you guys think about going this far out of the box?’ My only request was ‘do I ever not play Dean,’ and they said ‘no, you’ll always play Dean,’ and I was like ‘I can play Dean in any situation. I can find a way to play him because I’m close to him and I know him.’

“I think to add the demon aspect is going to be challenging, because I might not be able to outplay Dean, because he’s going to be very internalized. Sometimes, that doesn’t translate to screen. As an actor you have to find a way to relate that to the screen … I think Jared’s done an amazing job with the challenges that he’s faced with Sam, playing Sam being someone else with bits of Sam. My hat’s off to him. I’ve always really had to play Dean for the most part. There have been little episodes where I’ve gone off … So I’m interested in [what the writers do], because they dictate how Dean goes. I have a lot of faith in our writers, as they have a lot of faith in us, and hopefully the collaboration will be something that you guys enjoy.”

The biggest thing that we feel about this story is that if written well, it could be outstanding; however, it’s also risky to separate the brothers with this much physical and emotional distance, and one wrong move could turn it into a mess.

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Photo: The CW

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