2014 Critics Choice TV Awards: Praising Maggie Siff, Melissa McBride, Christopher Evan Welch

How often is it that we feel awards shows really get everything right? The correct answer to this question is “never.” Unless someone comes in and magically reads your mind, there will always be one or two choices that you are unhappy with, or a few people you consider to be snubs.

But in particular this year, the Critics Choice TV Awards did a strong job of including as many different potential people as possible. You have shows that are great but often ignored, and people who are very deserving of love who sometimes are unjustly forgotten about. Here are three of the people this year that we take a particularly great amount of joy in seeing nominated.

Maggie Siff, “Sons of Anarchy” (Supporting Actress, Drama) – Given what happened to Tara on the show, this is the last time that she will have a chance to win something here. But, we are very glad to see her get that shot. Tara was a character viewers had many opinions about, but one of the reasons why happened to be the captivating performance that Maggie gave in the role.

Melissa McBride, “The Walking Dead” (Supporting Actress, Drama) – Look at the flowers, and then realize how much Melissa killed it as Carol in this past season. It takes a lot sometimes to get voters to ignore genre, and they happened to do that here.

Christopher Evan Welch, “Silicon Valley” (Supporting Actor, Comedy) – Maybe in a way this is a sentimental pick, given that Welch died while filming the HBO series last fall. But, even without that this would have been the sharp, funny role that finally gave this character actor time in the spotlight.

What do you think about some of these winners? Share your thoughts with a comment.

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