‘The Bachelorette’ review: Craig Muhlbauer drinks in Andi Dorfman’s party

Craig -Andi Dorfman’s second episode as “The Bachelorette” was certainly a little more difficult for her than the first. After all, this was the one that featured her spending the majority of her time alternating between being really happy at some of her luck with the guys, but also depressed that someone had too boozy of a time at the group date.

This article will be at least somewhat sympathetic for Craig Muhlbauer, mostly because the producers put him in an awful position in the first place. The “Magic Mike” date was nice in that it’s for charity, but you didn’t need to have a massive striptease in order to raise money. This sort of stuff makes guys insecure like it would women! If ladies were told to do this, we’d be calling the Bachelor a “pig” and there’d be think-pieces up on how sexist the show is.

The biggest mistake Craig made was drinking. He would’ve gotten so much sympathy had he just admitted to being nervous and showed some sort of genuine doubt. Instead, he looked like an idiot, and his singing after the fact made him look desperate for airtime. Goodbye Craig; we cannot say that we’ll miss you.

We already wrote a little about Eric Hill’s first date with Andi, and the other with Chris Soules was certainly familiar with the “back on track” theme you get every time that someone on this show goes through a tough time. He seems to be a nice guy and a genuine contender, and so does Marcus after he got the group date rose.

In the end, we’ll at least say that Andi is a much better Bachelorette than Desiree Hartsock, but she needs to try and be more engaging in conversations and steer clear of the cliches. This show tries too hard to force them down your throat. She has already kissed multiple guys, with Chris and Josh Murray leading the way.

In the end, the departed for this episode included (as mentioned) Craig, pro golfer Nick S. (we blame the super-out-there pink shirt), and also firefighter Carl with his hipster Tom Keen glasses. Grade: C+.

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Photo: ABC

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