‘Mad Men’ season 7, episode 6 review: Bob Benson, Joan, and a dance

Mad Men -Tonight’s new episode of “Mad Men” revolved around a number of themes, with one of the major ones being that of consequences. If you act in a certain way, you are only fooling yourself if you suddenly think that you are going to be respected for that and not get anything thrown back at you.

Take, for example, Pete Campbell on his return to New York City this week. It is hard to necessarily imagine why he thought he was going to be able to glide back into things and get along with Trudy and his daughter, and this was instead absolutely painful to watch. In between this and his realtor “girlfriend,” this was just not a good episode for Mr. Campbell.

As for Don, the good news for him was that he seemed to actually have everything together now on the surface. He was getting along with Megan, and he was finding a stride at work. But, you know that there are many shoes that are going to drop here when it comes to this. There was even a demented part of us that thought that something more was going to happen when it comes to Don and Peggy near the end in the middle of their dance, but we are happy that it didn’t because their relationship is so … interesting.

We also must discuss the glorious return of Bob Benson. He’s such a strange guy with strange motives, but he is a master of putting on that perfect facade in front of others … at least until he really tried to push for something more with Joan. She is very good at seeing through people, but the interesting thing is that there may have been a part of her that wanted to actually accept the “offer” that was being made of her. But, she didn’t do it for one reason: A hope for love someday.

All of the stories this week culminated with the surprise announcement of Harry Crane as a partner to the dismay of some, but also the meeting between Peggy, Pete, and Don a Burger Chef making it clear that rather than face consequences of a bad day’s work, they would find a way to figure this out. The stories ended in mostly ambiguity, but at least it was mystery in its most entertaining form. All we can say is that Bob may be gone for now, Pete’s miserable again, and Don’t new position has made matters more complex than ever. Grade: A-.

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