‘The Bachelorette’: Juan Pablo Galavis won’t be watching Andi Dorfman’s season (shocker)

Juan Pablo -Tomorrow night marks the premiere of “The Bachelorette” with Andi Dorfman, but before we get to that, we have what may qualify as some of the least-shocking news that you could possibly hear in regards to whether or not Juan Pablo Galavis will be tuning in to the show: He won’t.

Speaking about this subject to Life & Style, the show’s most-controversial star (perhaps ever) did not say that he was making this decision at all out of any interest in slamming current lead Andi Dorfman or anything else of this variety. Instead, it is more based on the fact that he has never watched the show before being on it, and really does not have any reason to start doing so now:

“I’ve never seen the show before. [On The Bachelor] I wanted to see what they put on TV and what they didn’t … In this case, I have nothing to see there.”

Do we think that he will resist temptation with it? Probably, but mostly because he really does not have any reason to turn around and suddenly check it out. Andi is someone who tried to tarnish his name in a way on the show and made him look bad, so why would he went to see her journey to stardom and love play out? Even if we side with Andi on almost everything when it comes to some of these fights, we understand the logic behind what he is saying here. So far, at least Juan Pablo can boast that he and Nikki Ferrell appear to still be together.

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Photo: ABC

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