‘Survivor: Cagayan’ finale review: Did Tony Vlachos, Woo Hwang, Spencer Bledsoe or Kass McQuillen win?

Cagayan -What a crazy, fun season of “Survivor: Cagayan”! We had blindsides galore, Tony and his “spy shack” and Spencer some how, against all odds, making it to the finale! Now it’s time to see if Tony’s game domination is going to lead to his winning the game.

Family visits: Once the finale four were back at camp, they got a few surprises that included a loved one and a feast. Tony was hoping that his wife would come out, but because of their 4 month old baby his best friend came out instead. Also Spencer and his sister… they look exactly alike (and she trash talks like a pro!)

1st Immunity challenge: So now let’s take a look at the immunity challenge! After a bunch of hype from Jeff Probst about this being different the any other challenge, it was yet another puzzle challenge (although they were up in the air like 15 or 20 feet on a tiny platform and that was neat to see.) Did Spencer win immunity once again? Even though Kass got tangled up in her rope and it put her way behind the rest of the pack, she pulled out a win and earned her spot in the finale 3.

1st Tribal council: With Kass winning this immunity, Spencer knows that he’s in trouble, so he goes to work in trying to align with Tony since he thinks that Woo and Kass would both take each other to the finale 2. Tribal council was great. Some of the highlights were seeing Spencer try to work his magic on Tony, Jeff calling Woo out as a useless player and Tony telling everyone that his idol is useless after the votes were in. So did Spencer work over Tony? Nope and off to jury goes Spencer, which is a good move for everyone, because Spencer could easily win this season.

2nd immunity challenge: When we first saw this crazy, massive maze we couldn’t have been more excited- totally epic. Run the maze, get the cogs, build the machine and raise the flag gets immunity. With Woo and Kass having a finale 2 deal, Tony knows he needs to win this. This was such a close race between Kass and Woo, but by literally half a second Woo wins immunity.

Woo’s big decision: Now that Woo has the immunity he has a big choice to make, is he taking Kass or Tony to the finale 2? Tony tried to plead his case to take him saying that loyalty will win Woo the game, but Kass gave the better speech, especially when she said that if she’s in jury, she would vote for Tony – not because she’s bitter, but because Tony played a better game.

Woo decided to take Tony to the finale two, which was a crazy move! Can Woo actually beat Tony? He pretty much single-highhandedly put every person on the jury – if this isn’t a bitter jury then Tony is walking away a millionaire tonight, but if they are then Woo has made a perfect choice.

Who won “Survivor: Cagayan”?:  Tony got grilled by pretty much everyone on the jury who was eliminated because of him. Seemed that there were some bitter jurors and also some people that respected the fact that Woo took a strong player to the end. Woo talked a lot about honor, but this is “Survivor”, a game built on lies and broken promises, so when we hear people talk about honor or people who are angry about getting lied too we just find ourselves shaking our heads.

This was such a great finale! We had some very unexpected immunity wins, Woo in a position of ultimate power, and Spencer coming to Tony’s defense telling the jury to vote for Tony over Woo because he is the only person in the finale two that played the game. Who actually ended up winning “Survivor: Cagayan” and the million bucks? Tony was the winner of this season of “Survivor” and it couldn’t have gone to a better player. Episode grade: A

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Photo: CBS

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