‘Arrow’ season 2 finale review: Oliver and Felicity, Thea, and Detective Lance surprise

Take a look -If you thought that you had figured out Wednesday night’s “Arrow” finale 20 or so minutes in, then you were just as blind to the truth as Slade Wilson. This ended up being one of the show’s most-clever episodes, and an hour so breakneck and fast-paced that we wish it could have gone on forever.

When Oliver told Felicity that he loved her and that she was the person that she cared about more than anyone else, the inner shipper in us died and ascended to Heaven. Thanks to that, we completely forgot about the possibility that this was all a set-up so that Slade would target her rather than Laurel as the person he really loved, and she could then inject him with the cure.

At around the 53 minute mark, we actually started to think that the episode was going to end without anyone dying … but things weren’t looking quite so good when it comes Detective Lance. Is he dead? Maybe, but that is one of our cliffhangers. The show actually tied together many of its loose ends, at least in that Slade is now trapped in an ARGUS prison on the island, Isabel Rochev is dead (somewhat underwhelming there), and Sara Lance has left to go back to the League of Assassins. What we are left to discuss for now is whether or not Quentin lives, why Oliver is in Hong Kong after leaving the island, and also whether or not Thea is about to become something awful after taking off with Malcolm Merlyn. In the end, Thea did finally learn that going back to a cured Roy is still a bad move.

As for Oliver and Felicity, we’re left back where we were … with Oliver not really willing to admit to having feelings for her. That was frustrating, but also the right move. We root for the two, but they still have more growing to do to get to the point where they can be together. We’re going to have SO much more about Olicity and everything else in our podcast tomorrow with Jessa.

But what an excellent, crazy finale that was! There were a few bumps in the road here and there, but the overall pace of the action and all the surprises help to make up for it. Grade: A-.

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Photo: The CW

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