‘Big Brother Canada 2’ finale interview: Jon Pardy on winning, Neda shocker

Jon -Welcome to our first “Big Brother Canada” finale interview! We’re going to be going through many of these tonight as we look back on the games of many of the best players in the house this season. We’ll have longer interviews up this weekend, so think of these more as an appetizer for more to come.

We’re going to start now with the winner in Jon Pardy, but be on the lookout soon for some more of these either at our tag page, or the “Related Articles” below.

CarterMatt – [We thought you would do really well in the game]. You looked like you would have a good social game, and you wouldn’t be the first person targeted.

Jon Pardy – The fact that I was not voted out the first week, that’s something I’m still trying to process. The rest was just icing. The fact that I’m here; this has been the most epic trip of my entire life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

When did it start to come in your mind to get rid of Neda? We didn’t really see much of that at all.

As soon as it was final three, I knew that the girl would beat me. She played a flawless game. The fact that I had a chance to win the final HoH was definitely huge for my game, but it definitely pulled on my heartstrings.

The big moment for you came after Canada had HoH, or I guess a big moment for Hundo…

Hundo came to life after that!

How did you manage to take advantage of that twist and change your game?

As soon as Canada nominated Andrew — good move Canada! — I knew I had to start winning. The First Five was starting to get dismantled, and I knew I had to start playing.

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