‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7, episode 23 review: The Penny and Leonard ‘surprise’

Here it is -On Thursday night’s “The Big Bang Theory,” you had an opportunity to see something that most in the fan community have been waiting for quite a long time: Leonard and Penny taking the next step in their relationship after such an incredibly long wait.

The engagement itself happened after Leonard and Penny had one of the worst days possible. Penny got fired from her job on the gorilla movie, and she was wondering whether or not she had a direction for her future. Then, she realized that Leonard was her direction! She could celebrate being with him and extremely happy, and really wouldn’t have to worry very much about everything else. She realized that at the end of the day, having love was more important than fame or success. A sweet moment.

There was actually another sweet moment that should not be ignored, as Emily and Raj did decide to take their relationship to the next level after he saw her out on a date with someone else. This was a big move forward for the two of them to actually be exclusive, and seemingly sleep together. (That’s at least what we are guessing took place there.) Also, hooray to Sheldon for stumbling upon advice. Amy was completely shunned for most of this half-hour, but we do prefer it when characters are woven in naturally rather than forced into things.

As for the other story of the night, our prevailing reaction at the moment is mostly “meh.” While Howard’s mother needing to be cared for was an important life event, all this story really showed us was that Howard and Bernadette are once again not ready to have children. Nothing more, and nothing less. Still, the engagement is enough to make this one of the most important episodes of the show, even if it was anti-climatic just as Leonard suggested. Grade: B+.

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