‘Bates Motel’ season 2, episode 12 review: Who kissed, and was Norman found guilty?

Bates Motel -Bates Motel” had a challenge on Monday night to please everyone who has been watching the show all season, and we feel like for the most part, they succeeded with what they set out to do: Entertain, perplex, and raise questions about whether or not Norman Bates is someone who we can really root for on any level.

Of course, the show also managed to do something else that was rather unexpected tonight: Freak some people out with an unexpected kiss! Then again, was it really that unexpected that Norman and Norma Bates would lock lips? We interpret it more as just an inappropriate profession of a mother -son relationship than anything that is incestuous and long-lasting, but these sort of taboo moments are what traditionally tends to freak so many people out. The fact that this one has been building, though, for such a long time causes it to really blow everything that has happened with the Lannisters on “Game of Thrones” out of the water.

This episode also featured Norman getting set free of the murder investigation after he somehow passed a lie detector test when it comes to what happened to Miss Watson. So he doesn’t have to worry about running away anymore … and the same goes for Norma, who made an interesting gesture in inviting Dylan along for the ride. In case anyone cares, Zane is now dead, but so is Jodi. We cannot say that we will miss this story, largely because it left Dylan out of the family drama which is what everyone’s really interested in.

The only flaw to the episode is the same one that we’ve had most of the season: Emma being completely pushed to the side. Such a good character deserves more, and maybe we will have that now that she is slowly starting to be welcomed back into the fold again. Ultimately, we at least hope this is the case.

Despite its occasional flaws, the acting and the overall design of “Bates Motel” are just so brilliant, it’s hard to feel anything other than admiration at season’s end. Unfortunately, there is a long wait until the show returns now for season 3. Grade: A-.

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Photo: A&E

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