‘Chicago Fire’ season 2, episode 20 review: Did Casey save Dawson?

Chicago Fire -Typically, the sort of episode that you had of “Chicago Fire” Tuesday night would be what you would see at the end of the season, given that you had explosions, wreckage, and an epic rescue mission. It was terrible and triumphant at the same time.

The biggest scare that the show gave us was the possibility that Dawson was going to be buried underneath a pile of rubble. Given the show has killed many characters in the past, we don’t really feel like anyone save for maybe Casey and Severide is 100% safe moving forward. Luckily, she turned out okay in this case, as Casey was able to be rescued underneath the pile.

The unfortunate thing about this episode is that it was hard to fully cheer over the rescue of Dawson when you had to handle something as devastating as a young girl in need of a liver transplant, but was unable to find the right donor for the job.

This was a very strong episode of the show, mostly because it combined the worlds of the police and the fire department for a specific cause, and actually showed everything that goes into a rescue mission. Few shows have tried something on such a scale, and actually were patient enough to show all the inner workings. It wasn’t about shock, but more about a group of men and women working to see something through. This is where we have the cliffhanger, since these individuals risk their lives literally, and thanks to that, Shay’s fate is now unclear after she passed out in the hospital. We’re still hopeful, but nothing is certain. Grade: B+.

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Photo: NBC

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