‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 20 review: Did ‘Bloodlines’ take itself too seriously?

Bloodlines -From the moment that we first heard that “Supernatural” was going to be getting a spin-off show, we were intrigued. However, there is a difference between being intrigued and excited, and we held firm to our trepidation going into this episode airing.

After watching “Bloodlines,” our opinion is pretty firm that despite it having Nathaniel Buzolic, we won’t bee too sad if this is not picked up to series. Maybe this is the cup of tea for some people, but to us it just wasn’t very good. The story was plucked out of The CW handbook of predictability, and it didn’t feel at all like “Supernatural.” Save for the brief moments of Sam and Dean, the only thing that it had in common with the original was the fact that there were monsters around.

“Bloodlines” suffered most of all from one very simple flaw: It took itself much too seriously. The forbidden love was a part of it, and then it felt too much like a paint-by-numbers “Godfather.” Wasn’t Ennis Roth the lead of the show? It didn’t feel like it at times, given what we saw from the confused David, who struggled with his identity as a shape-shifter before finally decided to come home at the very end. Even when we did see Ennis, he was a predictable character with (of course) a seemingly-dead parent and one who was out of the picture.

Sam and Dean found a way to get out of Chicago thanks to their mission taking down Metatron, and they left it to Ennis to try to figure out. Lucky for them that they can escape and go back to the show we love. This wasn’t fun, and it wasn’t inventive or imaginative in the way that “Supernatural” is. Instead, it had zero comedy, brooding music, and lost the magic and essence of the original. We never like to root against a show or people who can get jobs on it, but in this case we hope that most of these people get a chance with a different project soon rather than one that was derivative and really just getting viewers off of the “Supernatural” name. Grade: D+.

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Photo: The CW

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