‘The Blacklist’ season 1, episode 20 review: Did Liz Keen learn about Reddington, her father?

The Blacklist logo any seasonAdmittedly, there are times in “The Blacklist” where we start to zone out during the procedural elements, but that did not happen during “The Kingmaker” tonight. What an entertaining hour of TV this was! There were many surprises left and right, but also many twists and turns that made sense.

The Blacklister was the Kingmaker, who is responsible for pretty much doing just that: Making sure men and women get the power they so speak using long, elaborate plans. This was entertaining to watch unfold, mostly because this was no ordinary villain. The only problem here? Monologues! He spent so much time sitting there and talking to the politician that he left himself at least somewhat more vulnerable to being caught. He was eventually shot, and thought brought an end to that as Ressler saved Liz’s life.

We don’t want to waste too much time on this, though, mostly because the real meat of this story comes via Liz and Reddington this week. Tom took a back seat to the storytelling here, as Reddington informed her that he knew her “father” (i.e. not her biological one) for most of her life, but he was responsible for what happened to him in that hotel room earlier this season.

With that, she called an end to the partnership, and understandably so as she went back to her semi-destroyed apartment, only to later pay Ressler a friendly(?) visit.

This was one of the show’s best episodes to date: Cohesive, smart, and James Spader-heavy. We also got just enough evolution of the overall story to know that the next two episodes of the season are going to be very revealing and also very insane. Grade: A-.

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Photo: NBC

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