‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3, episode 19 review: Is Snow White’s baby here?

Snow -Sunday night’s “Once Upon a Time” continued a great trajectory this season, and that is telling a story that makes sense, focuses on the main characters, and also builds towards something pretty epic. It also avoided a few of the nasty TV pratfalls that are so easy for this show to fall into.

Before we do anything else, though, let’s talk references! Did anyone else have a “we have to go back to the island?” moment when Snow White realized that she needed to enact the curse to take everyone back to Storybrooke. We certainly did, and we also felt like with all the white and dark magic going on throughout this that we were watching a “Final Fantasy” game on television. Emma cast Holy at one point! (Okay, enough nerdiness.)

The biggest highlight of the story was seeing  Henry finally wake up, and finally realize everything that had happened to him. In turn, it was actually him and Regina who needed to find each other in order to get everyone’s memories from the past year back. There were great moments of comedy in here (Henry finding out about Robin Hood), and also some sweet ones.

Unfortunately, the big loser in all this was Captain Hook, who was accused of lying about summoning Emma after it was actually Neal, and not the Charmings, who told him to go to New York City and find her. Also, he was in trouble courtesy of the way that he handled the threat from Zelena … who is definitely not happy here.

The only disappointment from this episode? That after all the hype, Glinda really didn’t have that much to do at all. Also, we would love to see something more to the Henry / Regina relationship, since there are moments that are a little cheesy.

Oh, and Snow White’s giving birth next week! Grade: B+.

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