‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 15 spoilers: New look at Mariska Hargitay, Donal Logue

SVU -Given that we are in the middle of the season, the hiatus for “Law & Order: SVU” at the moment probably feels like a long one. It’s been weeks since we saw the last new episode, and there are many unanswered questions now when it comes to Benson’s future.

Luckily for the Special Victims Unit, we know already that they are going to have some additional help. Donal Logue will be back the rest of the season, and you can even see him in the photo above from the episode “Reasonable Doubt,” which airs a week from Wednesday. This episode will thankfully give some distance between what happened to Benson at the hands of William Lewis and where she is not, which is definitely welcome given how the next episode is going to start off with her still firmly within that hell.

As for how long we are going to see Donal as a part of the show, the simple answer to that, at least for the time being, is “the rest of the season.” It’s always nice to have him back, and we’ve heard already that at least one other familiar face will be coming back to the show this season. At least in the event that the series is canceled (given that the future is still somewhat in doubt), the show is getting to bring back a few people who are beloved by most of the fans. We may not know just what the future holds for this show until next month rolls around, and the upfront presentations are once again held in New York City.

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Photo: NBC

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