‘The Musketeers’ season 2: The plan thanks to Peter Capaldi on ‘Doctor Who’ season 8

Musketeers -The writers for “The Musketeers” have to be a quick, shrewd bunch given some of the curveballs that they have been thrown as of late. Not only do they have to keep the balance constant between action and drama, but they also have had to figure out what in the world they are going to do about Peter Capaldi.

The actor was a star for the entire first season as the Cardinal, but they’ve luckily known for a while now that the actor was going to be joining “Doctor Who” in a role that was just too hard for him to pass up. Capaldi’s been a fan of The Doctor since he was a child, so you cannot be too angry at him for jumping over to the other BBC series.

So with that in mind, it is merely onwards and upwards for the crew over at “The Musketeers.” Just see what actor Tom Burke had to say on this subject in a chat with the Radio Times:

“Come the next series the Cardinal will be dead. He’ll just be gone … It’s a great example of economic storytelling. Their new nemesis will be Rochefort, who’s played by Marc Warren.”

At least the series managed to find a good actor to replace another good actor, and it will not be missing too much of a beat at all. Season 1 of the show still has yet to even premiere in America, and it will do so later this summer. As for season 2, it is currently in production with a premiere date slated for next year.

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Photo: BBC

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