‘The Blacklist’ spoilers: Megan Boone on mysterious future for Tom and Liz

The Blacklist logo any seasonWhile “The Blacklist” does seem to be interested in giving you some answers before the end of season 1 when it comes to its characters, it also is not exactly interested in letting you know everything just yet. Patience is a virtue, and you may need that before you know everything that is going to happen with Liz Keen and her husband Tom.

You got a little bit of a sense as to what Tom’s goals are on this episode episode, and more of that is coming. But, based on what Megan Boone herself told Yahoo! TV recently, they are not looking to force anything yet when it comes to turning Tom in:

“You know, the Tom-Liz story is still taking shape, actually. As far as where they’re going to go at this point, there’s a big shocker in the season finale. It’s still up in the air, in the larger sense, especially when it comes to how she’s going to handle him legally. I don’t think she knows where she stands, on what side of the law. She’s starting to go off-course a little bit. She’s starting to make choices based on her own desires and her own initiative, rather than what’s true to code and what she should be doing in order to be a good FBI agent. We’ve seen her take that path, and she’s going to continue to go darker. “

We’re fine with the “darker” side of the character, at least so long as the show doesn’t become a morality play on right and wrong. It’s boring watching people be good all of the time in fictionalized worlds! Liz also has a few reasons to want to break the rules right now. It’s hard to argue against it, anyway.

What do you want to see from Liz on “The Blacklist” pushing forward? Share your thoughts below.

Photo: NBC

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