‘Parks and Recreation’ season 6 finale: Well, season 7 just got very interesting…

The latest -Parks and Recreation” may have just pulled one of the riskiest moves possible for their finale for season 6, and in turn, reminded us why this is right up there with “Community” as the comedy on TV that really deserves a whole lot more of your attention than it is getting.

The boldest move of all, beyond just Leslie Knope managing to land her “Chicago job” without having to actually move to Chicago, was the show actually jumping forward a full three years. This moved the show entirely past the pregnancy and early stages of Leslie’s triplets, and thankfully spared us from having to go through the same story that we just did with Ann. It’s a completely new story.

In putting some of these characters in new places, there are now infinite possibilities. Where are Donna and Tom, for example? Are they all still around the Pawnee area? There is a relative cliffhanger that comes out of this time jump in that it allows for some of the original cast members to think about their future, but following both Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe checking out, it’s hard to imagine anyone else going now.

The only drawback that the show has to be afraid about is that there will be inevitably some comparisons between this and the series finale of “The Office,” which also jumped forward in time (but not this much). The other difference here is that we’re still going to get another 22 or so episodes to sort out just what the rest of this story will be. We do think that next season will be the last, and it probably should be. You don’t want to overstay your welcome, and the ratings here and not particularly great, either.

For now, what did you think about the end of “Parks and Recreation” season 6, and does it make you all the more interested in the show’s future? Share below, and click here to get some additional TV scoop from us courtesy of our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: NBC

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