‘American Idol XIII’ results: Was CJ Harris, Jessica Meuse, or Jena Irene eliminated?

The logo -American Idol XIII” is full of surprises sometimes, and we had one last week when we saw that Jessica Meuse was in the bottom two for the first time. Who do we blame for that? To an extent Jessica, but also the judges for their continued terrible treatment of her throughout the competition.

So the first big surprise that we got from the show Thursday was simply the fact that Sam Woolf was not even in the bottom two. Did the judges create a monster here? He is a good singer, but not a tremendously amazing performer when it comes to actually connecting.

Tonight, Jessica was yet again in the bottom, though this time against a guy in CJ Harris who has been knocking on the door of elimination for weeks. From our vantage point, it was a no-brainer that Jessica should be saved. Her “Jolene” wasn’t our favorite, but she has been far and away the more consistent of the two. But, we’ve been wrong so many times in this competition, and this season has reverted back to the form of the guys dominating most of the girls in the public vote.

In the end, America did the right thing this time around. CJ should be happy that he lasted this far, but we’ve now got the final five that is for the most part the right final five … though we may have substituted Sam for either Dexter Roberts (thought we’d never say that at times) or Majesty Rose. Most importantly, we still have three people in Caleb Johnson, Jena Irene, and Alex Preston who we still feel could win this entire season. Jessica’s probably buried at this point, and Sam’s going to be lucky to finish third.

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Photo: Fox

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