‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5, episode 19 review: Who died in ‘Man on Fire’?

“The Vampire Diaries” loves to bring the Grim Reaper back for return appearances, and on Thursday night’s “Man on Fire,” they did that with a character who was starting to become a fan favorite for some out there.

So Enzo is officially dead, but the curious thing for the moment is that he is not gone from the show. Rather, he is on the other side, preparing if at all possible to terrorize everyone in ghost form. Who’s down for some Ghost Enzo action? After he learned that Damon was responsible for what happened to his true love Maggie, expect some war to break out soon.

The only thing that makes this episode even worse for Ian Somerhalder’s character beyond what we’ve already shared is this: He doesn’t know that Enzo is dead, and it is all because Stefan doesn’t want to tell him. This is one of the stranger moves that we’ve seen on the series in some time, mostly because we don’t understand why Stefan thinks that this information won’t get back to him. Does he not realize the supernatural mecca that this show has become? Ghosts are everywhere, so of course killing Enzo doesn’t mean that the guy is actually gone.

We do hope that he does emerge more as the actually villain, largely because we consider him to be infinitely more awesome than the Markos character, who is pretty similar to most other Big Bads we have already. Here’s to hoping that this entertaining, if uneven, flashback episode serves as a nice appetizer for what is to come. Grade: B-.

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