ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 4 spoilers: Guillermo Diaz on Huck – Quinn pairing

Huck -Is it really possible for anyone to love and be happy in the “Scandal” universe? So far, there isn’t a good bit of evidence that it is. You have a married couple in Mellie and Fitz who cannot stand each other most of the time, the affair with Olivia and Fitz, Olivia occasionally hooking up with Jake despite her not always being that into him, and then what happened to Cyrus and James.

So when things started to get hot and heavy for Huck and Quinn, you quickly got the sense that this was not going to be any ordinary relationship … and that was quickly shown to be true. These two have a tumultuous history, and even their love scenes at the end of season 3 at times bordered on disturbing. So are they really together now? We don’t know if we would use that word, even if there is some level of interest there on each side.

As for how Guillermo Diaz wants to see the two of them move forward, he shared his thoughts to Yahoo! TV recently … and his answer may surprise you:

“Honestly, I don’t think I’d like to see them together. I would kind of like to see them just kind of get back to their friendship, if they can even do that. I think they possibly will have some crazy sex a couple more times. You know, when you break up with someone and the sex was really good, you kind of keep having it for a little while… you kind of have to wean yourself off of it. But I think I’d like to see them not together, I really do — I think it makes them more interesting. If they stay together and try to be a couple… I don’t know if HuckleberryQuinn would be as exciting if they were together, because then there’s always that possibility and there’s always that sort of thing hanging over them that they still have feelings for each other, which I think they still will. It just makes it more interesting.”

Diaz’s co-star Katie Lowes echoed that she wouldn’t necessarily want to see them together because of work, even if the two of them love each other. It creates that sort of added complication for the two of them, and since nothing on this show is simple, it almost needs to be that way. (Personally, though, we almost think it would be reverse psychology and therefore exciting to leave them together.)

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Photo: ABC

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