‘Game of Thrones’ season 4, episode 3 review: A Jaime – Cersei shocker; Dany’s conquest

Take a look -Game of Thrones” had the challenge tonight of trying to move on past the death of Joffrey, and “Breaker of Chains” was a chance to do that. There were preparations for a trial, drama pertaining to the Lannisters, and also some happenings with Danaerys.

We have to start here with what may be our single least-favorite moment of the entire “Game of Thrones” series so far: Jaime seemingly raping his sister in front of the body of King Joffrey. This may be the most nonsensical bit of intentional character assassination ever, and a smack to the face to those who started to like the character.

What was the point of the rape? Was it so that Jaime could feel some sort of power again after feeling so useless? If he wanted his sister to love him again, that is not the way to do it. It’s just continuing a string of rape on “Game of Thrones” that is becoming a little too widespread.

As for other happenings around King’s Landing, Sansa was brought straight to Littlefinger in order to evade madness, and Margaery seems prepared to do what she has to do now to continue her political alliances. Tommen is the new heir to the throne, and we won’t be shocked if there is another wedding in the future … if you catch our drift. Tyrion also continued his campaigning in an attempt to figure out who were assets to him, but Sansa is gone, and he told Pod to testify against him in order to ensure him a better future. Look at noble Tyrion!

Now, let’s turn for a minute to some of the other highlights taking place across Westeros.

Wildings vs. Night’s Watch – The people at Castle Black better brace themselves, given that Mance Rayder and his army are coming. This means that Ygritte is also on the way, and she has her own motivations to destroy Jon Snow at this point.

Stannis – As news is starting to come in about King’s Landing, he and Davos continue to play their game of chess … and they remain the most boring part of the entire series.

The Hound – We hate the Hound’s actions from time to time, and felt very bad for that family he and Arya ran into. But, his speech did make a little sense in this world.

Danaerys – In the end, the episode came down to Dany traveling towards Meereen, and then commissioning none other than Daario to try and kill the champion of the city. He did, she gave her speech, and that was mostly it. This was not an eventful story, and we don’t actually feel like this was that eventful of an episode.

Overall, “Breaker of Chains” was a little bit of a letdown given that it showed us individual moments and offers (like Oberyn getting a chance to be an adviser for Tommen), but not that much actually happened. We know that these story-building episodes, but this along with that Jaime scene make this probably our least-favorite episode since season 1. Grade: C+.

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