‘Big Brother Canada 2’ review: Neda’s HOH cut short with instant eviction

Neda -Neda’s large and in charge in the “Big Brother Canada” house this week and after her previous short reign during the double eviction a few weeks back she’s probably excited to have a full week as HOH… but will another twist cut her time short once again?

Neda’s HOH: She has been sequestered in the secret war room where she can see the house through the television feeds. She is forced into an “instant eviction” – meaning she has to pick her two nominees in five minutes without talking to anyone in her alliance and also no veto play. Neda has now had two HOH wins and no HOH room. She’s been completely robbed of a full week both times which sucks for game play for Neda.

Neda’s in a final four deal with Allison, but after watching her on the feeds she realizes that she still doesn’t trust her. She decides to nominate Sabrina and Allison – was this a good play or should she have trusted Allison and stuck to her final four deal?

Eviction: After putting up Sabrina and Allison it was pretty clear that Allison’s time in the house was up and she was evicted in an unanimous vote.

Who’s the next HOH: With Neda out of this contest, Jon really has to win this if he wants to keep his alliance with her intact. After a short riddle competition Adel becomes the new HOH and right away he tells Sabrina and Rachelle that they are going on the block. They instantly begin beating themselves up for getting rid of Arlie on Adel’s advice and know that they may have sealed their doom by doing so (Arlie was a bit of a loose canon so who knows if he would’ve worked with them). Sabrina’s upset and is telling everyone off for lying to her – this is Big Brother, Sabrina… this house is built on lies!

Adel’s eviction speech was pretty ugly saying that Sabrina has a problem with his religion and hit Rachelle so hard with his speech that she burst into tears. He says that it’s all for game, but we really didn’t get it.

It’s not surprising that Adel is targeting Sabrina and Rachelle, but is it really his best move? If he went to the end against Jon or Neda could he really win? We don’t think so and feel that taking Rachelle or Sabrina to the end could’ve put Adel in a really sweet spot. Episode Grade:  C.

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