‘The Walking Dead’ season 5: Boss on Norman Reedus’ Daryl, Emily Kinney’s Beth, more

More news -It’s not often at this point in “The Walking Dead” hiatus that you get quality scoop on the show, mostly because filming’s not really underway yet, and everyone is mostly just trying to catch a few deep breaths before having to go back to Atlanta to work again on shooting some new episodes.

This is what makes the interview below all the more special! Scott M. Gimple was recently on “Larry King Now” as a part of his showrunner series, and while he was very cagey about giving too much away on season 5, he was at least kind enough to give a few in-general details about what could happen both next season, and overall for the entire course of the series.

1. When it comes to romance, for Daryl Dixon, Gimple is not ruling it out right now. However, he did brush off a question about whether or not Norman Reedus’ character would end up with Carol or Beth.

2. Emily Kinney fans, rejoice! Beth’s story will be resolved next season in one way or another.

3. When it comes to romance in general, there will be a subplot on the show next season that does not revolve around Glenn and Maggie.

4. When it comes to how long the show could last, Gimple said that it could be as long as ten years. However, he does feel like the comic can easily outlast the show, and the only caveat to the show sticking around longer would be if the entire cast were to turn over after a while.

5. If Gimple could revive one character from the past, it would be Hershel thanks to his love for Scott Wilson as an actor / person.

There are many more subjects discussed, and you can see all of them in the video below. Also, head over here to see some of the latest on the upcoming spin-off show, or here to grab some further TV updates courtesy of our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: AMC

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