‘Survivor: Cagayan’ episode 8 review: Did Tony find a new ‘top five’?

Tony Vlachos -Is Tony completely brilliant, or completely insane on “Survivor: Cagayan“? We know that he’s insane entertainment, and he’s also the sort of guy who could win the game easily and be one of the best players to date if he does so.

However, the guy just doesn’t make it very easy on himself. He likely knows more than we do, and we look forward to talking with him whenever he gets eliminated about some of this. But why target LJ now? He wants someone out who is completely loyal to him, and probably wouldn’t make a move on him for a couple of weeks. We feel like Tony is just a player who does not function without chaos. It’s great television, but it’s risky gameplay. One stumble, and information gets passed around to the point where you are eliminated immediately.

Still, Tony is clearly doing something right if he’s still able to say that he is a construction worker and nobody rats him out for it. But if Chaos Kass is saying that it’s not the right time to make a move, you know things are weird.

It’s bizarre in a way that outside of Tony’s plan to blindside LJ, there actually wasn’t all that much that transpired in this episode. The spa reward was king of uneventful save for Tony cluing in Spencer and Jeremiah about his plan, while the immunity challenge was an incredibly boring game that we’re pressure sure we played when we were three.

From a production standpoint, this was one of the weaker hours of the season in that you could see the LJ blindside coming from a mile away thanks to the edit. If it had been edited a little lighter, this would have been an epic blindside versus just a pretty good one. LJ’s look on his face was still priceless, though, and it makes the game very insane the rest of the way. Tony and Woo now have to find themselves new allies, and that may not be an easy thing for them to do when people do not entirely trust you anymore.

As for other good moments during the hour, can we talk for a second about LJ standing out Tasha? That and the faces of Sarah and Morgan as the blindside happen were the two random parts of the episode that we’ll remember outside of the move itself. Grade: B+.

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