‘Mad Men’ season 7: See Jon Hamm get ’emotional’ … for ‘Sesame Street’

Mad Men -Sesame Street” certainly has dome something curious in their latest attempt at a viral video: They have recruited someone to teach emotions who is well-known for playing one of the least emotional people on TV.

It’s a good thing that Jon Hamm is very different in real life than Don Draper, and in way is the same sort of sour guy who broods and makes so many around him miserable. In the video below, you can see just how much fun Hamm has with the character Murray as the two do their best to try out a variety of different emotions, whether you are talking about guilt, frustration, or even the joy that comes with being amazed. (We have to admit that before we got to the end of this video, we felt that our odds were pretty high that we were going to leave it feeling pretty disappointed.)

The timing for Jon to do this is of course perfect, given that “Mad Men” just returned to TV and he also has a movie coming out a little later this spring. “Sesame Street” has prided themselves on getting these sort of stars to come on do little segments, mostly because it helps further to keep parents engaged. Also, they have the luxury of being around for so long that they may have watched the show themselves a little earlier on in their lives, and think back to their childhoods while doing the gig. The show first came on the air in 1969, two years before Hamm was even born. It also has received some more Emmys than any show ever, and even puts “Mad Men” to shame in that regard.

What do you think about this video, and what sort of other brooding TV actors do you want to see talking about emotions next? (Personally, our vote is for James Spader.) Share your thoughts below, and click here if you want to get

Photo: AMC

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