‘Survivor: Cagayan’ interview: Morgan McLeod on idols, LJ, and editing

Morgan -Before we start a discussion of the next “Survivor: Cagayan” episode tomorrow, let’s go back in time very briefly here and focus on the last person sent home from the game. Morgan McLeod did a solid job in getting past the merge, and for a while, actually seemed like she was going to be someone who went extremely deep into the game since she wasn’t viewed as a major threat.

What actually ended up dooming her was something partially beyond her control: Spencer finding an immunity idol clue. The other players from the former Solana tribe wanted to ensure that someone went home without an idol in their pocket, and she was a victim of that.

Speaking to us in a conference call late last week, Morgan opened up about the immunity idol issues, her edit on the show, and many more topics.

CarterMatt – Was there every any discussion between you and Spencer regarding the immunity idol, and him maybe playing it on you?

Morgan McLeod – I couldn’t ask Spencer to play the idol on me. His game was messed up just like mine was by Kass, and I completely understand. I would’ve never asked that of him.

Was there any scrambling that happened that wasn’t shown? Did you go around and talk to other people besides Kass only to get stonewalled, because they didn’t want to work with you?

Tasha and I went to both LJ and Tony and they both just shut us down once we pitched it. They both felt so comfortable in their alliance and understandably. They have the numbers. That day I realized that I may be going home, so I started to prepare myself for [it]. [I told myself] ‘don’t be shocked, or don’t cry like some other people did. Take it as it is and leave with your head held high.’

Did anything change with LJ from where we saw it [between you two] at the start of the game? Did you hold a grudge from when he sent you to camp first?

He [said] in his interviews that he didn’t like me or trust me because I was ‘hot,’ and I tried to talk to him. I tried to prove to him that they could use me in challenges because I’m better than these girls, and I thought I proved that. No matter what I did and no matter what I said, he just didn’t like me. I don’t know what was going on with him … I don’t know if I remind him of someone he doesn’t like, or if my outer appearance makes him hate me, but I tried and nothing really worked. We just didn’t get along the entire time.

In going back and watching the show, what did you think about your edit? Was there anything that you wished was shown that wasn’t?

This last episode I kind of cringed because I came off as someone who is not who I am. They didn’t show parts where I was crying and upset because of the storm. I think that would have humanized me a bit (laughs), and not shown me as some diva on her high horse thinking she was better than everyone. I am down-to-earth, and people who know me know I’m not like that even if I was perceived that way.

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Photo: CBS

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