‘Downton Abbey’ season 5 notes: A Richard E. Grant update; Jessica Brown Findlay comments

Take a look -Richard E. Grant’s new message – We’re sure that there are some out there flipping out over Richard E. Grant posting a new message on Twitter about “Downton Abbey,” especially after all the hoopla surrounding Julian Fellowes being not particularly happy about his previous level of social-media engagement. But in this case, let’s all just take a brief breath: Grant didn’t do anything horrendous here.

As a matter of fact, all Richard did was take to his account on this past Friday and post a very simple message regarding how much he enjoyed working on the show:

“Done on DOWNTON duties this fine Friday & could not have had a more enjoyable time on it if I had tried.Hugely generous and welcoming cast.”

If you wanted to really try to get in there and figure out some sort of additional meaning to his message, it is that Grant is probably not going to appear in every episode this coming season … but you probably assumed that, anyway. Most guests on the show tend to have a limited time period in which they turn up.

Jessica Brown Findlay – We imagine that it will be five years after she left the show, and Jessica Brown Findlay is probably still going to get questions from people regarding Lady Sybil and whether or not she has any regrets saying goodbye to the show that helped turn her into a household name.

Her latest comments to the Western Morning News are a little more frank than other statements in the past, but echo the same sentiment that she is happy with the choice that she made:

“I kind of had a gut feeling. I had come to the end of my contract and I was so hungry to do other things. I had had a few jobs in between the filming of the first and second series and then I had to turn down a job I got [because I was filming] the third series, so it felt right.”

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Photo: ITV

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