‘Supernatural’ season 9: See Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki back together!

Meta Fiction -Who’s ready for a happy “Supernatural” reunion? We’re one day away from the return of the show with “Meta Fiction,” and the attached photo should be all the proof that you need that Castiel, Sam, and Dean are finally working together again!

While they’ve never exactly been on opposite ends of the spectrum this season, and they’ve had similar goals, these three have been at times relegated to separate missions. Sometimes, that has worked out for solid TV viewing; other times, it’s just made us long for them to be back together. But if you look at the entire catalog of when Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins are all part of the show, their best scenes all come when they are filming together.

As for the story of this episode, the story of the angels is (unsurprisingly) front and center. Castiel is offered a deal by Metatron to team up with him, but of course he declines it. We don’t even understand why Metatron would even offer at this point. Doesn’t he think that maybe Castiel has taken note of how he completely screwed him over? In addition to this, Gadreel will also returning as the Winchesters manage to capture him. What comes from here could either be an episode all about kicking butt and taking names, or something a little more strategic as Cas figures out a way to restore the natural order of things in Heaven.

The only real guarantee here is that nothing will be completely resolved, given that Curtis Armstrong has been on the set of the show recently shooting. (We can’t imagine seeing Metatron suddenly bending to a plan of anyone’s other than his own, so we feel like this this battle will carry on until we get closer to the finale.)

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Photo: The CW

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