‘Mad Men’ season 7, episode 2 preview: Vincent Kartheiser, Jon Hamm front moves

Pete -There were a few surprises during the “Mad Men” premiere on Sunday night, but we have to say definitively that for us, one of the biggest ones was seeing Pete Campbell seemingly taking advantage of his new lease on life. While Ted looked even more miserable in Los Angeles than he was in New York most of the time, Pete was happy. He’d also found some ridiculous Los Angeles clothing and showed that he knows how to be chummy with the local Realtor.

So where could this confidence take him? Seemingly all the way to the top. “Mad Men” promos have a habit generally of telling you almost absolutely nothing about an upcoming episode, but we will at least say that the first tease for next week’s episode did a respectable job of at least giving us … something. Specifically, it allowed for a quick look into Pete suggesting that maybe the Los Angeles firm start up their own company.

Could this be successful? We actually think so, since it is not like SC&P has the level of talent on the ground there to compete. The only unfortunate thing is that we imagine that they will have a thing or two to say about Pete looking at this sort of opportunity.

Also in the preview, we saw a small teaser that Don Draper may be up to something, and we really hope so. For most of the episode we were confused somewhat by his delusions, but that moment of him out in the cold at the tail end was very sad, and raised so many questions about what his future could hold. (We’ll have the video of the promo soon.)

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Photo: AMC

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