ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 19 video: Emily VanCamp, Olivier Martinez, and an offer

Emily -For a little while, we were starting to feel pretty sure that Emily Thorne had no problem allowing Pascal to think that he was the person with the power on “Revenge” season 3. However, sometimes circumstances change, and there is no finer example of that than the video below.

In it, you have a fine opportunity to see that Emily has decided to change up her plan when it comes to handling Margaux’s father, and that includes just going ahead and letting him know outright that she knows entirely what she is up to. Olivier Martinez and Emily VanCamp play the scene as if their characters are both very coy at first, but then start to let the truth unravel over time.

After watching this, it’s pretty clear that she has the upper hand … at least for now. She knows that Pascal is working with Victoria, and there is nothing that he can do to get to her. Plus, she won the horse race that the two were watching during the whole conversation! How lucky is that? Emily’s story of being some random girl taking advance of the Grayson family is a pretty compelling tale to weave, and we do understand how she is managing to get away with it.

But still, we do have to wonder about one interesting issue: Why in the world has no one really tried to run a firm background check on Emily and figure out more about that name, and where it originates? There are more secrets about her that seem like they could be exposed without that much effort, even if you are not able to figure out completely who she is.

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Photo: ABC

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