‘Big Brother Canada 2’ interview: Kenny Brain on alliances, Adel’s ‘power,’ more

Kenny -Going into this season of “Big Brother Canada,” it was hard to find someone who didn’t feel as though Kenny Brain had the potential to go deep into the game. Not only was he likable, but he was also smart, fairly strategic, and athletic enough to win most of the challenges.

Unfortunately, the dominoes just didn’t fall in the right way for Kenny, as trouble began for him even before America nominated Andrew for eviction. That did speed up the process, though, as with him gone and him tied closely to only Sarah, he was the biggest threat in the house by a wide margin.

In a call with reporters today, we took a minute to ask Kenny a few questions about his time in the house, and also some of his fellow players.

CarterMatt – So let’s touch on Adel and that ‘power’ that he had. Was fear of that the reason why he was never a primary target?

Kenny Brain – Absolutely, it’s probably the one thing that has kept him in this game. He was 100% a target that everyone wanted to go after, and I was so pushing to put him out there so he could flush out his power. But things happened, and it got pushed to the back burner. Then with every [week], there was a lie about it being this week, or three weeks, and there was a prize attached to it. It just became some sort of elusive prize that nobody really knew about or knew that it was still in play. It definitely helped to put him where he is right now.

Do you regret not finding an alliance beyond the First Five? You were talking at some points with Jon, but that really didn’t work out. Was there anyone you wish you had worked with more?

Absolutely. I feel like other than being a big emotional crybaby, I put too much loyalty into the First Five. I know I created some of these connections with Jon, but I never followed through with them and kept them close in the case of a faulty alliance. That’s exactly what I was in … Well, mostly it was Canada’s fault for ripping us to pieces (laughs), but yeah, I should have kept connections more open.

While it’s so sad that you didn’t get to be on the jury, did you have a sense as to how you would have voted? Would you have went with who played the best game, or who you were loyal to?

Totally, 100% who played the best game. You can’t go into a game and want to play as hard as you possibly can, and then sit there in the end and say ‘I’m going to give you [the win] because you were loyal to me.’ It is a factor in the decision, but ultimately it is who came in there, and who did exactly what needed to be done in order to win the game. That is exactly what it is, and honestly I feel like [the person doing the best] is Arlie right now.

We’re going to have our full interview with none other than Sarah Miller up on the site soon, so we’ll have a link here when that is complete. (Update: Take a look!) For now, share your thoughts on Kenny below, and be sure to sign up to get further updates courtesy of our CarterMatt Newsletter.

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