ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 17 review: Did Dominic Bell, Rowan die?

Take a look -Scandal” is getting ready to wind down season 3, and with that, you knew that things were going to get pretty explosive … literally. The biggest issue at the center of this story was whether or not Fitz, Olivia, and almost everyone else was going to be literally blown to pieces by a bomb that Maya had constructed to go off at just the worst possible moment.

Why does Mama Pope have to be so evil? Who knows, but the bomb is still set to go off, and the only different is that it’s at a different location than it once was. Now, it’s centrally located at a funeral. Cruel, but not altogether surprising. What we were most impressed by is the way that Fitz was written to remain so cool as a cucumber, coming up with an extremely smart way to handle a building evacuation where they originally thought there was going to be a bomb.

Another shrewd move? The way in which everyone is handling Mellie, who is spending the majority of her time drinking and dealing with pregnancy test results that do not quite turn out like planned. Throw in Dominic Bell being taken out and the possibility of Rowan dying himself, and you have a heck of an episode.

The only criticism that you could probably have in here is that thanks to the plan for this story being originally meant for 22 episodes, there was a little too much crammed in. Huck and Quinn, for example, would’ve been a lead-off story on many other nights. “Scandal” is actually a show where you can justify the episode count on the basis of all of events that go down. Even watching it and reflecting, there are little things here and there that will miss.

“Scandal” also still needs to allow for a minute or two to breathe sometimes, mostly because these peoples’ lives have so much activity that it becomes a giant hyperbole. Grade: B+.

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