‘Shark Tank’ review: Happy Feet, Hold Your Haunches, Velocity Signs, Lord Nut Levington

The latest - For whatever reason, “Shark Tank” aired a new episode on a Thursday night … and while we hope they never do this again (we much prefer the show on Fridays), we will still recognize that this is a great show. It’s just that in looking at the products, there’s none that we would have teared up over not having on the show. They were mostly … decently. Except the signs. We really don’t get that one.

As with every other “Shark Tank” review, we have links below so that you can go to their official website and learn more about the products!

Velocity Signs – We don’t know about this. It seems so easy for some dude on the street to come over and kick this over than they are a guy actually standing out there and spinning the signs. You can be a good salesperson, but you still have to have a product that really stands out.

$225,000 for 30% from Lori Greiner seems to us like a very generous evaluation for something that we feel people would get tired of seeing very quickly. Just get something more creative as a display! The fact that Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary went in on this was astounding … and then everyone got involved! This was actually the “Battle of the Sexes” that was teased going into this episode, and the two owners eventually went with … the guys! We don’t think this was the right decision, mostly because they gave away 5% more of their company just to work with Mark, Kevin, and Robert, even if not everyone wanted it at first.

Lord Nut Levington – We like the product, and the idea of tasty nuts that you can snack on that are different than what’s already out there in the marketplace. The biggest issue we see with the company is that it’s not something that is easily banked on. It’s food, and anyone can come up with their own brand of spicy peanuts. The branding is cool and different, but it’s a risk. That is something that will take time for viewers to get a grasp on. No deal.

Happy Feet – Did anyone else find it funny how this guy threw one of his own people in Snooki under the bus? We’d probably go out on that alone, mostly because he had this weird holier-than-thou attitude about some of his success. The slippers are cute, though, and we’d probably buy a pair of they came in a huge size and didn’t look ridiculous on us.

The best part of this entire sequence, to us, was Robert completely snatching a deal from Lori and and Kevin while they were talking. After watching him get screwed over so many times, this was awesome.

Hold Your Haunches – The final product of the night was not exactly a flashy one. They are pants that are shapewear … and we’ll leave it at that. This is not our category, and we have no understanding as to how this product works. But, we do at least know that there is an audience for it. Let’s just say that they got a great offer from Lori and Barbara Corcoran that included a line of credit, and they took it. No drama, and a pretty boring end to the episode.

Thanks to the lack of exciting products, the air time, and also the flat finish, this was probably one of our least favorite visits to the Tank this season. Oh well; at least there is another one tomorrow. Grade: C+.

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Photo: ABC

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