‘Ink Master’ season 4, episode 8 preview: Kyle Dunbar, Chris Nunez and a fight everyone saw coming

Kyle DunbarNormally we like to highlight the up coming flash challenge in our “Ink Master” previews, but this week we are doing things a little differently. Why is that? Because it seems that the three ringed circus that has been most of season 4 of “Ink Master” is returning in full force this week and the focus will be less on the tattoos and more on a giant fight that explodes between returning favorite Kyle Dunbar and judge Chris Nunez.

Chris Nunez has made it no secret that he likes to critique Kyle hard because he says that by doing so, he gets to see better work out of Kyle. On the flip side when Kyle does produce those really great tattoos he’s never rewarded for it, it seems to always be a compliment with a “but” attached to it.

Kyle made it to the final 4 last season (and should’ve made it to the final 3 in our opinion over Tatu Baby, but that’s a story for another time), but the relationship between him and Chris didn’t seem as strained as it does this season. Did something happen off camera in between this season and last or does Chris really believe that constantly pushing Kyle down is the only way to get him to rise to the top? This season the judges have their four favorites that will make it to the finale (Halo, Matti, Scott and Sausage) and it seems that no matter what anyone else does, they can’t do enough.

In the new preview clip (which you can see below) Kyle has clearly had enough after the contestants return to the loft and Gentle Jay deliver Chris’ message to him: That he thought Kyle should’ve been in the bottom last week for a tattoo that was honestly not worthy of the bottom. When Kyle arrives at the challenge he calls Chris out on pushing him too much and Chris tells Kyle that “he’s awful” when it comes to tattooing. This is the breaking point for Kyle and a physical fight breaks out.

Will this be the end for Kyle? We are pretty sure that the network has a zero tolerance policy for getting into a physical fight with anyone on the show, so we are fully expecting Kyle to be booted from the competition (although we hope this is not the case since we are big Kyle supporters).

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Photo: Spike TV

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