‘Mad Men’ season 7: Christina Hendricks and the fun ‘Game of Thrones’ rumor

Christina Hendricks -Sometimes if you are on the red carpet, it may be a better idea to say nothing than potentially driving the internet crazy. We wonder if this is at least what Christina Hendricks is thinking right now about her new comments pertaining to “Game of Thrones.”

Tonight, the star of “Mad Men” is on “Conan” promoting the show’s season 7 premiere on Sunday night, and she gets herself in trouble while telling a story all about how, at a recent premiere, she said spur-of-the-moment how she wanted to be on the HBO series … even though she has yet to see hardly any of it. This led to a bunch of crazy headlines regarding her wanting to be a part of the show, which is media sensationalism at its best.

Hendricks did at least say that she watched part of the second season, but it seems as though she fell victim to a very classic problem: Trying to get into a show without watching the beginning of it. You can’t do that with “Game of Thrones”! We still won’t take her geek card away, though, mostly for two reasons:

1. She tells the story with affection for “Game of Thrones,” as though she may actually sit down and watch it someday.

2. She also was on “Firefly.” Anyone who appeared on that show has earned themselves enough goodwill that we will never say anything bad about them ever.

As for Hendricks’ “Mad Men” character Joan, we just hope that this upcoming season is when she starts to really get it together. Unfortunately for her, we worry given that James Wolk (Bob Benson) has another job in “The Crazy Ones,” and we don’t know how much he was around to film that.

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Photo: AMC

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