‘Bones’ season 9, episode 21 preview: David Boreanaz’s Booth and change

Take a look -Bones” has been fun for most of season 9, but if there has been one concern as of late, it is that the show has felt extremely formulaic. There is a case every week, a couple of little stories around the Jeffersonian, and every episode ends with a nice little button that is all about the Booth – Brennan relationship. We’re ready for something that brings another feeling or two to the table.

Maybe this is where the show’s next new episode comes into play. Next week’s “The Cold in the Case” is a story whose sole objective is going to be solving a case surrounding a woman whose body was frozen before it was dumped off somewhere. This is certainly different, but what may interest you the most about the synopsis below is what is coming up for Agent Book:

“The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a woman whose remains were found in a swamp. When the team realizes that her body was cryogenically frozen before it was disposed, it leads them to a cryogenic preservation facility where they learn more about the victim’s personal life. Meanwhile, Cam is hesitant to meet Arastoo’s father and mother (guest star Shohreh Aghdashloo) for the first time and Booth is up for a huge promotion that could uproot his entire family.”

It’s time for David Boreanaz to have some great material on the show, and maybe this episode will be it. After all, both Pelant and the Ghost Killer were considered Brennan adversaries first and foremost, and this is going to be a little bit different than anything that we’ve come across all year long.

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Photo: Fox

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