‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11 spoilers: First photo of Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher

Mila -As you should know by now, “Two and a Half Men” is not a show that has a problem with stunt casting. This is the same program that brought out Denise Richards during her marriage to Charlie Sheen, and has also used everyone from Sean Penn to Miley Cyrus at times for guest cameos. Having Mila Kunis stops by makes sense given her engagement to Ashton Kutcher, and also the fact that she’s a veteran sitcom star who starred with him on “That 70’s Show.”

If you missed our previous reports on the subject, Kunis is guest-starring on Thursday night’s new episode as Vivian, a woman who Ashton’s Walden Schmidt believes to be the one for him almost immediately after meeting her. The problem? Right before meeting her, he thought that Brooke D’Orsay’s Kate ws the one. She returned on this past episode, and it closed with her deciding to stay with him a while longer rather than heading off to China.

Does this signify that Walden and Kate are over? Not necessarily, but it’s not looking good if he is starting to fall for someone else already. The biggest issue that we can say about all this as an outsider is that the odds of Mila getting a full-time job on this show have to be pretty darn slim. Therefore, it’s hard to imagine a Vivian / Walden relationship going the distance, even if we do think it’s possible that Mila could be booked for another appearance in the future. After all, she has a pretty direct contact to the show.

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Photo: CBS

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