ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: Nathan Fillion heads back in time in ‘That 70’s Show’

The latest -We know that the wait for the April 21 episode of “Castle” is long, at least by the standards of how long you are accustomed to waiting for new episodes of the ABC series during the season. Luckily, we have a feeling “That 70’s Show” is going to be worth the wait. Even if you do not like the case that will be at the center of the episode, you can at least smile at the thought of seeing none other than Richard Castle sporting an outfit that makes him look like a guy who accidentally climbed into a time machine and leaped forward 30 years.

Luckily, Nathan Fillion was game to take on the challenge of wearing the fabric of the times … even if it was a little sweaty. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about his get-up in particular, the actor had the following to say about changing up his look for the story:

“Polyester — not the most forgiving of fabrics … It’s hot; it doesn’t really breathe because you’re wearing plastic, essentially.”

Castle -Also, Fillion dished on just what this particular experience was like for everyone, as the majority of the cast was forced to dress up in pretty lavish costumes in order to solve a case from the past:

“To see everybody dressed up is kind of fun. Everybody’s dolled up, everybody’s different … In [season 4’s] ‘The Blue Butterfly,’ there was the ’30s-style clothing, but there’s something a heck of a lot more groovy about the 70s.”

We have high hopes for this story to at least be funny, even if it is not much else. The show needs to have a classic episode for laughs at this point, given that “Under Fire” and “In the Belly of the Beast” were two of the tear-jerkers from 2014 so far.

After looking at this crazy (but pretty awesome) image, are you somehow even more excited for this “Castle” episode than you were previously? Share some of your thoughts below, and also be sure to visit this link if you do want to get some more scoop related to the “Castle” finale (at least in who is appearing in it). You can also sign up now to get further TV updates from us courtesy of our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: ABC

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