‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11, episode 18 review: Are Walden and Kate back together?

It begins -Thursday night’s episode of “Two and a Half Men” was entitled “West Side Story,” but the last thing that this episode was about was musical theater. Instead, this episode brought the return of Brooke D’Orsay as Kate, and some more bizarre stuff related to Alan as “Jeff Strongman.” Seriously, we don’t know how in the world the show is getting as much mileage out of this story as they are.

To start, though, Walden and Kate are back together! They tried to move forward as “friends,” but it really didn’t happen. The two get along together better than any woman that Walden has ever been with, and there are times in which we feel like they are endgame. However, D’Orsay is a regular on “Royal Pains,” so it’s not exactly possible for her to be around this show very often.

While these two had some funny moments together, Gretchen and Alan (a.k.a. “Jeff”) were more interested in grossing us out. There were some good moments in here as Alan had to use Barry’s place as a cover for his own, including him naming the cat “Mr. Cat” and pretending to be an MIT graduate, but there’s almost too much sex talk at this point, and despite Alan’s claims that he wants to be exclusive with his new girlfriend, it really doesn’t matter when she has nothing to do.

Speaking of “nothing to do,” when is the show going to come up with something for Amber Tamblyn on the show? Everyone is written out to be perverts and one-note, and her Jenny in particular hasn’t gotten a chance to show off the depth that we would hope for.

There are moments that we laughed pretty heartily during this episode, and maybe that is enough to (partially) save it … but only partially. Grade: B-.

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