‘Mad Men’ season 7 spoilers: The present state of Don, Megan’s marriage

Mad MenWhile getting scoop on upcoming “Mad Men” episodes is no easy task, there is one thing that makes it a little bit easier right now: AMC sending out screeners of the first episode to a select few. That gives the lucky a chance to take a look at the April 13 episode many days early, and while not everything can be revealed on the story ahead, some teasers are better than none at all.

This latest series of hints comes to us via TV Guide, who claims that you are going to see Don and Megan still somewhat in the same universe when the show picks back up. As for what this will look like, think along the lines of her not exactly coming home to him at night. Her acting career will have also progressed along rather nicely, which is something that may very well eat Don up. He could not handle losing so much of his ownership there, and that is one of many reasons why the relationship started to go downhill.

“Mad Men” is not a show to give particularly easy answers to questions, so we cannot imagine that the state of Don and Megan will even be resolved within the first episode of season 7. It’ll be lucky to have a bow in it by the time the first seven episodes of this final go-around are wrapped up. The unique way in which the final season is being plotted out is probably going to, a la “Breaking Bad,” make every hour that comes on the air even more impactful and contained. There will be a whole lot to get to when it comes to story, and not a whole lot of time to do it.

How long do you think that the relationship between Don and Megan is going to last? Share below, and if you want to get a full tease of what could be coming up via creator Matthew Weiner, just be sure to click here.

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Photo: AMC

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