ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3 spoilers: Tony Goldwyn on Fitz, Olivia, and priorities

Take another look -On “Scandal” so far this season, the character of Fitzgerald Grant has definitely been polarizing for so many reasons. While he is a man who has the fortune / misfortune of trying to run the most powerful country in the world. However, he has shouted at Mellie, shouted at Olivia, and struggled with the weight of reelection. The one moment that reminds us that there is a person in there? That moment between him and Cyrus during the press conference.

Does Fitz really care about Olivia at all still? Despite some of his most-recent actions, the affection is still there. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the story that lies ahead the rest of the season, Tony Goldwyn insists so with the following message about how she helps him to keep up public perception and be with her at the same time:

“Olivia is his No. 1 advocate when it comes to maintaining that façade and enforcing it; she’s the one who hands Mellie the baby in that final blow before the family interview. I don’t know how he’ll balance it but rest assured, Fitz is never going to give up on Olivia. Olivia is always — much to Fitz’s frustration — the person that closes the walls up so the job is never going to be easy.”

The next few episodes are going to contain so much drama that it really remains to be seen just how much time we’re even going to see of Fitz and Olivia together. She is starting to watch her world cave in, while he has the election to think about. At a time when all of the focus is on him and him alone, he has to be aware that there is only so much time that he can spend near her.

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Photo: ABC

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