‘Saturday Night Live’ preview: Anna Kendrick – Taran Killam promos delight

SNL -Here is something that you really do not see everyday: Really funny promos for the next new edition of “Saturday Night Live.” Most of the time, you get the sense that these are thought up in about 15 minutes, and are neither funny nor that interesting. Most are gags that “SNL” has already done before, just with different people in them. This time around you have Anna Kendrick, and you may be surprised with how funny these are.

Anna’s partner-in-crime here is none other than Taran Killam, and in watching them, you actually don’t get the sense that someone is a celebrity host and the other is a cast member on the show. Anna is game to do everything funny and crazy that Taran does, rather than it singing really high or dramatically hearing about a recurring dream that he has suffered from. There are even a few nice touches that she throws in that are both completely unexpected and completely hilarious.

Of course, the show references some of what you know Kendrick best from at this point, which includes “Pitch Perfect,” singing, and just her quirky personality. There are some similarities to her and Zooey Deschanel, but we feel like there is a broader range of things that Anna can do. This may be the funniest promo we’ve seen all season long, and that gives us hope that there is a very great edition of the show coming in the near future. Given the amount of duds that “SNL” has had as of late (including a disappointing outing from Louis C.K. this past weekend), they really need a hit at this point.

At least we know that the show has some good hosts up their sleeve in between Anna and the return of Seth Rogen, who, judging from “This Is the End,” is really game for almost anything.

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Photo: NBC

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