‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 5 spoilers: Shay Mitchell on Emily, Paige’s future

Who -While the recent season 4 finale of “Pretty Little Liars” did a very good job of bringing Alison DiLaurentis back into the fold, we cannot exactly say that it succeeded when it comes to the personal lives of some of the Liars. After all, the status of Emily and Paige is still in limbo.

Can they get through so of the recent hurt and betrayal? Love has never been an issue for Emily; instead, it’s all about trust. Paige may be looking out for her best interest, but there’s a difference between doing that and then going behind someone’s back to achieve the same goal.

Since the premiere is still over two months away, Shay Mitchell is of course being coy about what is coming up. However, she was kind enough to recently say the following on the story in an E! News interview:

“For the Paige and Emily fans, I would say to hold tight. Nothing’s ever said and done. And I will say to the Emison fans, you never know what could happen again. So stay tuned.”

With this quote, Emily and Alison are set up as a possibility again, and then, there’s also the potential of a new face entering the mix, as well. The show is currently casting the role of Sydney, a new face on the Rosewood High swim team. Do you know who else is on the swim team? Exactly. This isn’t a guarantee that she will be a new love interest for Emily, but it’s hard to imagine what other member of the Liars she could be spending time with.

Do you think that Emily and Paige are going to get together again on “Pretty Little Liars,” or do you think that this Sydney character could be the new love interest instead? Share your thoughts with a comment, and click here to get a taste of the rest of the season (including some more dish on what could be coming up for Mona). Also, sign up now for our CarterMatt Newsletter if you want to get some additional scoop sent right to your email inbox.

Photo: ABC Family

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