‘True Blood’ season 7 spoilers: Meet the mysterious Mr. Gus

What's up ahead? -We cannot help it that when we hear the word “Gus” not in an association to a TV character, we automatically think of Gus Fring and all of the greatness that was associated with “Breaking Bad.” We want to say more, but we’re sure that there are still some people waiting to watch the show and we don’t want them to come after us with box cutters.

So instead, let’s just say this about the Gus that is showing up on “True Blood“: While he seems to be bad in his own right, he’s not a carbon-copy of the one that Giancarlo Esposito played on the hit AMC series. According to a new report from E! News, this Gus is a man of Japanese dissent who has come to the south and embraced a pompous, big-time lifestyle. This alone makes him an interesting character … but he is also going to be someone with a habit for causing trouble. Revenge is going to be on his mind, and it could be of the nasty, violent, Emily Thorne variety.

There is no casting news for this character yet, but this doesn’t really surprise us given how coy HBO has been about most of their characters as of late. They want to keep the element of surprise intact for their final ten episodes, which are most likely going to premiere at the end of June based on the schedule that we’ve seen for “Game of Thrones.” In between this show and “Boardwalk Empire,” we’re going to be saying goodbye to quite a bit of good stuff on HBO this year.

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Photo: HBO

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