‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 finale review: What’s in train car A?

Waking Dead -Terminus played a role for the season 4 finale of “The Walking Dead,” but the biggest surprise to us was that strangely, we didn’t see a whole lot of some of the other characters in the process save for Rick, Michonne, Carl, and Daryl.

What we had instead was proof that this show may be some of the worst shooting of all time at Terminus, and Rick really doesn’t like it when items from his past turn back up. The man went on a crazy shooting spree first of all to save himself and free Daryl from the Claimers, and then again upon arrival to Terminus … which once again looked all nice and friendly on the surface. We’ve realized upon re-watching the scene that the shooters there were acting more like guides to Rick and company to herd them … but we feel like our initial point here still stands. How did this entire episode go by with a single bloody accident?

Andrew Lincoln was great in this story, but what really surprised us through all of this was just how much of the story really stopped and started. It was one of the least eventful episodes that there has been for a finale, and a letdown in some ways. How did not a single bullet hit one of our four leads, and how do you leave us with all of the characters being trapped in a train car marked with the letter A? There was a nice sort of Scarlet Letter allusion in all this, but compared to even the past few episodes, even the character growth stalled versus just watching Rick be angry and Carl learning to love his father a little more.

We’re left off now with the group reunited … and with many mysteries. What do these people at Terminus really want? We just want season 5 to start already so we can move on a little past this one. We know that it’s a series about zombies, but even within that world, this episode still made us try a little too hard to suspend belief. Grade: B-.

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Photo: AMC

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