ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 15 review: Is Harrison dead? Plus, Fitz / Mellie breakdowns

Take another look -On Thursday night’s all-new episode of “Scandal,” there was drama pretty much all over from start to finish. There was a great spattering of relationship conflict, the arrival (finally) if Fitz and Mellie’s kids, and also more people licking each other. Yep, on this show that is apparently a thing.

Coupling – We don’t even know where to start tonight when it comes to some of the romantic stories. You had Harrison and Adnan getting hot and heavy (at least until she got her “payback” on him, which left him sprawled out on the floor at the end of the episode), Quinn doing exactly to Huck what he did to her last week, and then there was Mellie and Andrew … and the fact that she was caught in the act by her very daughter.

The only thing that was particularly interesting about all of this was Fitz trying to find a way to turn himself into a victim during all of this. He claims that he was “turned away” by Mellie after their son was born, and her refusal to have sex with him was the reason that he strayed in the first place.

Children – Can you really blame these two kids for not wanting to do a television interview? Their parents are both cheaters, and Fitz’s son even ran a Twitter account mocking the guy for a while. The kids eventually came around … but you expected that.

Fighting – The showdown between Rowan and Jake was the biggest pounding of drama we had all week, where we started to feel immediately that Papa Pope is in some pretty darn big trouble. In second place to that was the big Olivia / Fitz argument at the end, where she told him after seeing everything that happened that he had to go and fix his family, as this job was the only thing that he had left.

So everything is stabilized for now, at least when it comes to the Grant family. But this is “Scandal,” and it between B613 shockers, possible deaths, and romances in every direction (plus Olivia’s mom out there), you know that nothing is going to be set in stone for long. Grade: B+.

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