‘Teen Wolf’ season 4 spoilers: What has Jill Wagner’s Kate Argent become?

Teen Wolf -At the end of the “Teen Wolf” season 3 finale, it was pretty clear that Kate Argent was back. What was a little bit more of a mystery was just what Kate Argent has become. No longer is she the same villain that we saw early on in the series’ run; instead, she has become an all-new sort of supernatural creature who is extremely dangerous to any and all who stand in her path.

According to the “Wolf Watch” host herself, one possibility is that we’re going to see her play is the role of “were jaguar.” This is something that she discussed in a post on his Twitter account, or at least threw the possibility of it out there. While the first thing that we may think of as a result of this is the were panther from “True Blood,” there is actually much more to the were jaguar concept than something that came out of Jeff Davis’ brain. The history of this actually dates back to the ancient Olmec culture, where it was believed to be some sort of symbol or deity.

This also works well in line with the news that for at least part of “Teen Wolf” season 4, influences from Mexico and Latin American mythology are going to play a heavy role. This is the second straight batch of episodes we have seen something like this, following the big story with the Asian mythology this year.

What’s your theory for Kate Argent: Were-jaguar, were-something else, or a creature that is even more gruesome or fearsome than this? Share your thoughts with a comment, and head over here if you want to get some more scoop on what is coming up this season. You can also sign up to get further updates worth howling about via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: MTV

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