‘True Blood’ season 7: Joe Manganiello on how show helped career, more

Finally -Are you excited to see “True Blood” season 7 premiere on HBO? We’re right there with you, even though it is quite the wait away still. There is still another great series in “Game of Thrones” to get to, but by the time that wraps, we will have a further opportunity to see how some of the stories in Bon Temps come to a close.

While the fates of all of these characters still remains to be told, there is one thing that we’re starting to know for sure from any of the actors: They have quite a reason to be eternally grateful for this experience right now. Going into the show, many of the were still trying to find themselves and their careers.

This is something that Joe Maganiello spoke about in a new interview with AZ Central while promoting his new movie “Sabotage,” and spoke out at length about what sort of impact the show really had on his career:

“I guess ‘True Blood’ really blew the doors open for me, so that I have a lot of choices now, to seek out the best material and the best people to work with, rather than being locked into one genre. That was the dream.”

For those of you who are looking for a few more details on the action flick we mentioned earlier, Manganiello said this about what it was like working alongside one of the biggest giants in the entire industry in Arnold Schwarzenegger:

“You’re talking about one of the most charismatic human beings to ever walk the planet. One of the most intelligent human beings, and motivated human beings, in the history of the planet. When you’re talking about icons — I’m not talking about film icons, I’m talking about global icons — Arnold is at the top of that list, and there’s a reason for that. He’s a really incredible and powerful and important human being on a global scale.”

For Joe, one thing that will be interesting in watching for his post-show career is how he manages to handle what sort of roles he takes. Like Arnold, he has a knack for doing a variety of different things, whether it be action, drama, or even comedy.

How do you want to see “True Blood” come to an end, and do you think that Manganiello’s Alcide is going to have something to be happy about by the time the end credits roll? Share below, and head over here if you want to get some more news related to the show. Also, sign up now if you’re curious enough to sink your fangs into more updates from our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: HBO

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