‘Glee’ season 5, episode 13 review: Naya Rivera, Heather Morris, a reunion, and a farewell

Glee -While last week’s “Glee” episode was a big celebration for the 100th episode, “New Directions” may actually be the more important hour for the history of the series. This is the one that really let us know where most of these characters are going to be going with their future away from Ohio, and how the transition will be made to New York full-time.

After watching it, we have to admit that we were pretty emotional at times. There was a heavy layer of processed cheese over part of the hour (why were there teenagers in little clothing dancing at a disco rave?), there were also so many nice ones. The repeat of “Don’t Stop Believin'” got us a little choked up, just as the final farewell of the glee club did. New Directions really is over, but everyone gets a chance to move on.

Now, here are a few assorted updates of what is going to happen next with these characters.

1. Is Heather Morris coming back to “Glee” this season? We wonder if it’s the case, given that she and Santana agreed to go back to New York City after embarking on some random adventure together that we have no idea how they have the money for. This does help to explain Naya Rivera’s absence for a few weeks.

2. Will has a new possible job over at Carmel High coaching Vocal Adrenaline, a glee club that has an actual budget.

3. Tina is not going to New York, which has to be a bummer for her fans. Almost all of the other graduates from McKinley this year with glee club connections are, including Sam, Blaine, and Artie.

4. Seeing Becky graduate was a personal highlight. We’re going to really miss that character. Grade: B+.

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